‘Cilia in Development and Disease’

CILIA 2012 Conference :: London, 16-18 May, 2012

Confirmed Sponsors & Exhibitors

The Company of Biologists

The Company of Biologists is a UK-based charity and not-for-profit publisher run by biologists for biologists. Established in 1925, the company’s aims are to promote research and study across all branches of biology. The Company publishes the three distinguished journals Development, Journal of Cell Science and The Journal of Experimental Biology as well as two open access journals, Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) and Biology Open (BiO).

The Company also provides grants and sponsorship to support innovation in all aspects of biological research and runs series of trans-disciplinary workshops.


The EURO-WABB Project is a collaboration of doctors, scientists and patient support groups from all over Europe who are creating a new register for the rare diseases Wolfram, Alström, Bardet-Biedl (WABB) and other rare diabetes syndromes.

EURO-WABB is supported by The EU Directorate General for Health and Consumers (DG-SANCO) via its Executive Agency for Health and Consumers. The overall aim is for this register to be a key instrument to increase knowledge on these rare diseases, improve the lives of affected people through better management, and to develop clinical research.


PerkinElmer offers leading solutions and renowned expertise in assays, imaging and informatics that will help bring it all together. With a growing emphasis on translational insight, it is more important than ever to be able to examine the molecular mechanisms of disease and translate your in vitro models into in vivo results. Whether working in a well, cells or small animals, now you can focus on your science, gain insight sooner and succeed faster.

Roche Applied Science

Roche Applied Science is one of the world’s leading producers of reagents and life science research system, providing solutions for research into genomics, proteomics, cell analysis, and genome sequencing.

Our solutions for genomics research include MagNA Pure systems for nucleic acid isolation and purification, LightCycler systems for real-time PCR, and RealTime ready qPCR assays. Roche 454 Life Sciences, a center of excellence of Roche Applied Science, develops and commercializes the innovative GS Junior and GS FLX Systems for high-throughput DNA sequencing.

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